Workshop of the Natural Interaction with Social Robots Topic Group of euRobotics

NISR-TG@RO-MAN 2017 in Lisbon


September 1. 2017 

June 23, 2017:July 10, 2017
Submission deadline

July 21, 2017:
Acceptance of notification

August 31, 2017:
Camera ready submission






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08:45 - 

Welcome and Introduction

09:00 - 

Jens Garbas and Teena Hassan (Intelligent Systems Group, Electronic Imaging Department, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS): 


Affective Sensing Technologies for Building Empathic Robots


09:30 - 

Andrea Bonarini (Politecnico di Milano, IT)


Natural playful interaction with robot


10:00 - 

Vanessa Evers and Vicky Charisi (University of Twente, NL)


Child-Robot Interaction /  Group Interaction

10:30 -  Coffee Break



11:00 - 

 Ana Paiva (INESC-ID)


Natural Interaction in Groups of Humans and Robots

11:30 - 

Mohamed Chetouani (UPMC, ISIR, FR)


Robot Learning based on Interpersonal Human-Robot Interaction


11:50 - 

Elly A. Konijn (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Humanoid Robots that Differ in Facial Expressivity Evoke Different Emotional Responses


12:10 - 


14:00 - 

Gerard Bailly (Gipsa-Lab, Grenoble, FR)


Evaluation of Socially Assistive Robots (SAR), Transfer learning between SAR.


14:40 - 

Adriana Tapus (ENSTA, FR)


Learning and adaptation in SAR.

15:10 - 

Paul Verschure (Catalan Institute of Advanced Studies (ICREA), SP): 


Robot language acquisition in dyadic human-robot interaction based on the integrated Distributed Adaptive Control cognitive architecture


 Coffee Break

16:00 - 

Discussion / Roadmap for Natural Interaction with Social Robots



17:00 - 

End of Workshop

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